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In this era of cutthroat competition, Ed-Tech Giants are ready to capture the complete online and offline coaching market so it has become very tough for small non-funded coaching institutions to survive and grow. Pariksha Adda is helping such types of coaching institutions in terms of Content, Brand Building, Lead Generation, Faculty support and Mock Interview Panel Support to compete and grow in this era with the Ed-Tech Giants.

Pariksha Adda is Providing our own white-label content (Study Material + Mock Test + Current Affairs Magazine) to coaching institutes for various competitive/entrance examinations.

Pariksha Adda

The Content Factory

Disadvantages of becoming a franchisee/content partner of another brand

  1. You have to act according to their terms.

  2. You have to prepay a considerable amount.

  3. You spend money and the others' brand grows

  4. They deliver the same content to the different coaching of same city.

  5. You Can't Build Your Own Brand

  6. The brand does not take any type of responsibility for business failure

  7. You will have to follow all the marketing norms decided by the brand and have to burn cash.

Advantages of partnering with Pariksha Adda

  1. Pariksha Adda strictly follows a one-city one-coaching policy. Pariksha Adda provide content to only one coaching of one city

  2. Pariksha adda helps coaching institutions for brand building and lead generation

  3. Pariksha Adda provides study material, mock tests and current affairs magazines at affordable pricing with the logo and branding of the coaching institute

  4. You can order the number of books according to your need

  5. You can customize the study material package according to your own requirement

  6. Pariksha Adda provides three-step reviewed bilingual error-free high quality mock tests

  7. Pariksha Adda provide faculty support and help in toppers seminar to the coaching institutes

Why Choose Pariksha Adda

Over others when choosing white-lable content for your coaching

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